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About Us

This website is for people who are looking for photographs of professional level. This website will provide your solutions for the search of wide variety of photographs from nature to people and culture.

The website is mainly created by Mr. Saikat Ray. He is the moderator and owner of this web site. He is a photography enthusiast person who is working in the field for more than a decade. Through this website, he wishes to distribute his large stock of images shot at various places of India and the sub-continent.

And Mr. Samarendra Kumar Saha, on the other hand, is his close friend who shares the same thoughts and enthusiasm. He is an amateur photographer whose passion for photography spans over twenty years. He willingly took the responsibility of capturing in his spare time the wide varieties of photos from all over the country and the sub-continent and his involvement to the website is limited to sharing his passion with the wide wide world.

This site delightfully offers reasonably priced high quality pictures to our users. But the main aim of both the photographers is to capture the images of the ordinary and transform them into the extra ordinary through their lens. This website will help both of them to share the experience with users. That’s all...well, look around and enjoy yourself.

The images offered are of High Resolution in JPEG format. Size of download files varies mostly between 5 mb and 10 mb.

The user may contact Mr. Saikat Ray through the “Contact Us” provided above.

Also e-mails may be sent to the address:


To call Mr. Saikat Ray over telephone, please dial:

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