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Name : Somnath Roy Chowdhury  [On Apr 11, 2011]

State : SK

Title : Dzongri trek 2010

Article :

We have  lost a 4 men tent on the way!!  It is late Sept. 2010, we are  about to start our trek to Dzongri from Yuksom.  Yuksom is in west Sikkim.  Yesterday we arrived here by a private sumo car from Siliguri, it was a long 8-9 hours journey.   Since we got here the weather is wet, its not like raining right now, but the threat will be there for us, specially when we're a tent short!

 After getting all the permits we strated to trek.  We were late. So our guide (Purba Lepcha) was telling us to hurry.  Everyone knows that the 1st day of trek is most tiring, we were doing our bit..........suddenly its started raining.  The entire route was wet, we had to cross land slides. Our plan was to reach Bakhim, 12 KM from Yuksom.  Beautiful himalayan mountain forest became hostile rain forest.  Due to the weather condintion and lack of time, we decided to camp at Sachen.  Its like densest forest, nothing could be seen exept the trees.  Purba made us Egg fried rice for dinner.  In a wet night at nearly 7000ft. it was quite a meal!

At morning our trek started from Sachen.  Rain hasn't stopped since yesterday.  Our plastic sheet doesn't fully protecting us from rain drops but its surely protecting major parts of our body.  Anyway we crossed the 3rd bridge and had lunch. After a little rest we started again.  Today we planed to reach Tsokha, 9000ft.  The beauty of Pandim and other peeks could be seen from here, but not today!  As we were getting closer to Tsokha, the weather just gone mad. But against all odds we reached there at late afternoon.  Tsokha is a very small village with limited resourses, and in this weather most trekker choose to stay at trekkers hut. There was no dry land for camping left.  So we managed a room with 2 beds.  Rs.50 per head.  4 of us spend the night in that room, rest of us took shelter in kitchen...............with 15 other trekers!!

 We were getting a picture that parhaps God doesn't want us to go Dzongri........but we decided to keep going up. Yesterday two of our friends got bad stomach.  This means it was a bit risky to go up there, but we gave it a try which we later agreed, was worth it.  After a long tiring trek we reached Phedang.  Its a flat land. An old hut offered shelter for trekkers.  After some rest,  we moved on towords Dzongri.  It was evening when we reached Dzongri.  Our guide & porters were already there.  It was a very cold night.  So we had our dinner at tents and went to sleep at 7:00.

Next morning we went to the Dzongri top.  The steep climb upwards, took about 20 mins from campsite.  It was the first sunlight we had in 3 days.  But not for long.  Still we managed to see all the peeks one by one, Kabru north(7338 mts),Kabru south(7117 mts),kabru dome(6600mts),raktong(6679 mts),koktang(6147 mts),sangri(5300 mts) and rinok(4800 mts).Two peaks in the front are Kabur(4800 mts) a black peak which is called as Kala Kabur.  We enjoyed in front of our eyes every bit of that great scene .  Taking some outstanding memories we came down to our tents. Our sacks were already packed. So we had breakfast and started downwords treking to Bakhim via Tsokha.  The sunlight disappeared completely under wet clouds and started raining again.  We were little bit disapointed about weather condition.  But mother nature was planning for a 'late night surprise' for us.  We witnessed a rare sight of "double rainbow", it was so exclusive that we waited at Tsokha as long as the rainbows were there!

Our whole trek was a mix bag of good-bad-worst experiences.  We never had a normal night till Bakhim.  Only one Bunglow type hut with big dormatory type rooms, planty of space to free your legs and arms.  At last we were in heaven.  Night at Bakhim was a memorable night for all of us. Its been 5 days we seen clear night with stars.............its like an ocean of stars.  If you can handle the cold you will sure experience an amazing view in a clear night at mountain.

 Next day we climbed down to Yuksom and spent the night. At morning we hired a Sumo for Siliguri. You can find share cars for Jorthang from where both bus / cars are available for Siliguri.  If you are planning for Dzongri trek, hired cars are best deals because in Sikkim, share cars can cost you valuble time. Our Guide : Purba Lepcha (9593880515)

Transportation : From NJP stn.(Siliguri bus stand) to Yuksom private cars, buses, share jeeps are available.  A break journey via Jorthang can also be availed.

Gears : Nature not always play by the book.  There for tents should be carried always. 



Copyright@ Somnath Roy Chowdhury