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Name : Dr.Debabrata Saha  [On Aug 27, 2013]

State : WB

Title : Echey Gaon

Article :

 Where your ‘echey’ - the wish to be in the lap of nature - comes true…


When we reached Kalimpong bus stand, it was already dusk. Mr. D. K. Khawas was waiting there to welcome us. It was a pleasure to reflect that for the next three days, we wouldn’t have any work except enjoying nature’s serenity from a small village in the lap of lush green hills: Echey Gaon. It’s around seventeen kilometres away from Kalimpong and you need to take a cab to reach the place. But with a host like Mr. Khawas, there isn’t much to worry about. He is there to arrange everything for you.

When the cab dropped us at Echey Gaon about an hour later, it was pitch-dark and naturally, we couldn’t figure out much about the place. We simply followed Mr. Khawas as he led us with a torch through stone stairs that climbed up to his house. Immediately, the members of the Khawas family made us feel at home with wonderful tea and pakoras that refreshed us after the day’s journey. We had an early dinner

( we were actually very tired ) and then, we just slipped under our blankets in our wood-furnished cosy room. Next morning, when we woke up with the chirping of birds, we were dazed by the beauty of the place. Clouds floated into the room as we opened the door and it was raining heavily. The three days we spent there made us more a part of the Khawas family than mere external visitors. It was a lovely experience : a comfortable stay with modern amenities and excellent food round the clock, all arranged by the family members themselves.

Since we visited Echey Gaon in the month of July, we couldn’t expect a clear sky and were deprived of the mesmerizing view of the Kanchenjunga available from the house itself from October to February. In winter, you need heavy woollen garments but during the rest of the year, a shawl or light jacket should suffice.

The place is ideal for a two to three days stay amidst sprawling greenery and the breath-taking Kanchenjunga at a distance. You can even go for a few additional sight-seeing programmes, all of which are efficiently arranged by Mr. Khawas himself. If you are interested in trekking, he may also escort you through the dense forests to a viewpoint around five kilometres away that mystifies you with the longest view of the River Tista.

Echey Gaon should be your dream destination if you want to spend some time with your own self, far away from the maddening crowds and busy schedules of urban life. We have even started planning our next visit to Echey Gaon; and you?

Mr. Khawas can be contacted at 08670242128 or 08116760140.